Can I sell physical products on kajabi?

Although Kajabi is designed primarily to create and sell digital products , such as memberships, online courses or digital downloads doesn't have the capacity to sell physical goods directly through the platform.

However, this doesn't mean that companies cannot sell physical items with Kajabi. The following article we'll examine the possibilities available to companies looking to sell physical goods together with Kajabi.


Making use of Shopify Integration :

One method to sell physical items making use of Kajabi is to connect it to Shopify. Shopify is a well-known online store that allows businesses to set up and manage an online store as well as sell physical items. Through the integration of Kajabi with Shopify businesses can profit from the selling and marketing capabilities of Shopify as well as using Kajabi to build and sell digital goods like memberships and online courses. This integration lets businesses sell physical items through their Shopify store, as well as digital items via Kajabi which gives the possibility of reaching an even larger audience and increase sales.

Utilizing Third-Party Platforms :

A different option for companies who want to sell physical items using Kajabi is to make use of third-party platforms, such as Amazon, Etsy, or Ebay. These platforms let businesses develop as well as manage their online store and to sell physical items to a worldwide market. By listing their items on these platforms, companies are able to use Kajabi to develop and sell digital goods like online courses and memberships. They can also use these platforms to market physical items.

Create an Hybrid Business Model :

Another alternative for companies looking to sell physical items together with Kajabi is to develop the hybrid model. This is possible through the use of Kajabi to develop and market digital goods like memberships and online courses, in addition to traditional brick-and mortar as well as wholesale channel to market physical items. Businesses can connect with customers via multiple avenues, expanding the chance of revenue and sales.

Benefits of Selling Physical Products conjunction together with Kajabi There are many benefits of selling physical items when they are paired with Kajabi such as:

  • Increased Revenue:

    Through selling physical items in conjunction with digital goods like online courses and the ability to join, organizations can expand their income potential. This lets businesses diversify their income streams and establish multiple revenue streams which makes it easier to ensure their revenue is stable.

    Achieving a Wider Market by selling physical products together with digital ones companies can reach a larger audience. This allows businesses to reach those who aren't interested in digital items, but are attracted to physical items.

  • Increased brand exposure :

    Through the sale of physical items along with digital ones companies can boost their exposure to the public. This lets businesses be more visible to a wider audience and leads to greater brand recognition, and increasing the number of customers.

Conclusion :

Although Kajabi is designed primarily to help you create and sell digital items, it doesn't provide the possibility of selling physical items directly on the platform. But, companies can sell physical items with Kajabi by connecting it with Shopify or other third-party platforms, or by developing a hybrid business model. The selling of physical goods with Kajabi will help businesses boost their income potential increase their reach to a wider market, and improve their exposure to their brand. Businesses can utilize Kajabi to build and sell digital items and also sell physical items on other platforms that will offer the possibility of diversifying their revenue streams and develop several revenue channels.