Can Landingi HTML be Exported?

Our company recognize the necessity of having the capability of exporting HTML code from the landing page builder.

We have seen a lot of businesses struggling with this issue, that's why we've completed extensive research on this issue. The article below we'll examine whether Landingi HTML could be exported, and the ways it will benefit your business.


Understanding the Importance of Exporting Landing Pages

Before we look into the question of whether the Landingi HTML is exportable or not, it's essential to comprehend the reason why it is essential for you to export it. Landing pages are an essential element in any marketing strategy, and must be designed to get the most conversions. The export of the HTML code allows companies to modify the landing page without having to use building tools, providing them with greater control and flexibility in the layout of their landing pages.

Can Landingi HTML be Exported?

Yes Landingi HTML can be exported. It's actually an extremely simple procedure that can be accomplished in only two steps. In order to export your HTML text from Landingi You must comply with these instructions:

  • Log into the account you have created with your Landingi account and choose the landing page you would like to export.

  • Click"Edit" or "Edit" button to open the builder of landing pages.

  • Once you're inside the builder, you can click"Settings. "Settings" button at the top of the page.

  • Under"Settings", under "Settings" menu, click on the "Export" option.

  • Then, you will be shown a window which contains the HTML code to display Your landing pages.

  • Simply copy and paste it in the location you want to.


It is important to remember it is important to note that when exporting the HTML code using Landingi it is simply exporting the code to the landing page. Any other scripts, integrations, or extensions that are utilized on the landing page will have to be added in a separate manner.

Benefits of Exporting Landingi HTML

We've established that the Landingi HTML is able to exportable, lets talk about the advantages of doing it.

  • Increased Control and Flexibility:

    With the export of this HTML code, companies have greater control over the layout of their landing pages. They can make modifications to the landing page without having to use the builder, giving them greater flexibility.

  • Customization:

    Exporting HTML code lets businesses customize their landing pages however they choose. This is crucial for businesses with specific requirements for branding or design.

  • The Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

    Exporting the HTML code lets businesses improve their landing pages to search engines. They can include meta tags description, meta tags, and other SEO elements to increase their search engine rankings.

  • A/B Testing:

    By exporting HTML code, businesses are able to easily test A/B of their websites. They can alter the code, and test different versions to determine which does better.


In the end, Landingi HTML can be exported, and it's simple to do. After exporting HTML code, businesses will be able to be more in control of their landing page's design modify their pages, make them more optimized for SEO, and carry out A/B tests. If you're seeking to enhance the performance of your landing pages we strongly recommend it exports the HTML source code to Landingi.