Does kajabi have an affiliate program?

Kajabi is an all-in-one business platform that allows users to build and sell on-line courses and membership websites as well as digital products.

One of the services that are offered by Kajabi is an affiliate program that permits users to earn a commission from advertising Kajabi products.


What is an affiliate program?

A program for affiliates is a tool for marketing used by companies to advertise their products by utilizing an alliance of partners known as affiliates. Affiliates market their products by putting banners or links on their websites as well as on social media or an their email list. If a person clicks the link and then makes an purchase an affiliate is paid an amount of commission.

How does Kajabi's affiliate program work?

Kajabi's affiliate program allows customers to market Kajabi's products and earn a commission on sales that are made using their unique referral link. To sign up for the program users must create an account with Kajabi account and then apply to be an affiliate. Once they are approved, they receive a unique referral URL to share with their followers.


Commission rate:

Kajabi's affiliate program provides a commission percentage of 30 percent on all purchases made via an affiliate link. In other words, the customer who buys a item for $100 an affiliate earns 30 cents in commission.


Kajabi will pay affiliates on a monthly schedule, providing that the affiliate received at least $50 commissions during the month. The payments are made through PayPal.

Tracking and reporting:

Kajabi's affiliate programme makes use of cookies to monitor the referrals and sales. It means, even though the customer does not make a purchase right away following the click on the link to refer an affiliate can still earn a commission when the customer completes a purchase within a specific time frame (usually 30-days). Kajabi offers detailed information on affiliate clicks, referrals and profits.

Promotion of Kajabi products:

Kajabi gives its affiliates an array of marketing materials to help promote its products. This includes banner advertisements as well as email swipe copy and posts on social media.

Support :

Kajabi offers affiliates assistance via email, phone live chat, and email. The company also has an affiliate support center that includes instructions and resources that can aid affiliates in marketing Kajabi products efficiently.

Conclusion :

To conclude, Kajabi has an affiliate program that lets users earn commissions by marketing Kajabi products. The program is simple to join and has an attractive percentage of commissions at 30 percent. Kajabi gives its affiliates numerous marketing materials and assistance to market their products effectively.