Does kajabi host websites?

Kajabi is an online platform that allows users to build markets, sell, and create classes online, subscriptions and digital goods.

It comes with a wide range of options, including landing pages, website hosting along with email marketing, as well as analytics. This article we'll look into the possibility that Kajabi is a good choice for hosting websites.


Website Hosting on Kajabi:

Kajabi provides hosting for websites within its platforms. It means that users are able to build and host their websites on Kajabi and not have to look to find a separate hosting service. Kajabi's web hosting comes with various options, including:

  • Customizable templates: Kajabi offers a variety of templates users can choose from to build their own website. These templates can be fully customized and allow users to include their personal logo and contents.

  • Drag-and-drop website builder: Kajabi's Website Builder is simple to use with a drag-and drop interface that makes it easy to build and arrange the elements of the site.

  • Built-in SEO optimization: The company's site hosting has SEO optimization built in that helps users increase the visibility of their websites in search engines.

  • Mobile optimization: Kajabi's site hosting has been optimized to work on mobiles, making sure that the websites of customers will look stunning across any mobile device.

  • SSL certificate: SSL certificate is included in Kajabi's hosting services, providing additional security for websites of users.

  • Custom domains: Visitors are able to connect their own domain with their Kajabi website, which allows users to incorporate their personal brand name on the website's URL.

Apart from hosting websites, Kajabi also includes a range of other features that could help in the creation and managing a website. This includes websites that have landing pages and email marketing and analytics.


Landing Pages:

Kajabi comes with an online landing page builder that lets users build unique landing pages to be used on their website. Landing pages are an excellent opportunity to attract leads, market the product or service or provide details about a company. Kajabi's landing page templates are completely customizable and can be customized to include a range options for elements to be included on the page including images, forms, and videos.

Email Marketing:

Kajabi also offers email marketing tools that permit users to send newsletters, promotional emails as well as other forms of communication to their customers. Users can design customized templates for email as well as segment their audience and measure the effectiveness for their messages.


Kajabi offers analytics that permit users to see the performance of their websites. It lets users view the metrics of the amount of traffic to their website as well as conversion rates and revenue. The information could be utilized to improve the website's performance.


Kajabi is a complete platform that is able to build and host websites. It offers website hosting and websites with landing pages and email marketing and analytics. The website can be customized by users with templates, drag-and drop website builder and SEO optimization built-in. In addition, it offers mobile-friendly optimized websites, SSL certificate, and customized domains. With Kajabi it's possible for users to build professional websites and expand their online presence.