Does Thinkific Have an App?

One of the most common questions most users be asking is whether Thinkific has an application. The answer is yes. Thinkific has an application.

Thinkific is a complete platform that allows users to design, market, as well as sell their online course. It comes with a broad array of tools and features that assist users in creating and delivering exciting and engaging online classes.

Thinkific App for iOS:

Thinkific has an app available for iOS devices, like iPhones or iPads. It allows users to connect to their Thinkific courses from their smartphones and browse the course materials, which include quizzes, videos, as well as discussions. It also lets users to monitor their progress and complete their assignments even when they're offline. Students can also receive notifications via push for any announcements and new content from their instructor.


Thinkific App for Android:

Thinkific also offers an app available for Android devices, including tablets and smartphones. The app offers the same features to the iOS app, and allows students to log into their Thinkific courses from their mobile devices , and to view courses' content, including videos, quizzes, as well as discussions. It also lets users to keep track of their progress and finish assignments even when they are offline. Users also get push notifications about announcements and new content from their instructor.

Thinkific App's Features:

  • Access your course materials anywhere, anytime

  • Complete assignments and view them.

  • Follow your development

  • Get push notifications of new content and announcements.

  • Do some quizzes and join in discussions

  • You can watch videos as well as listen to the audio.

  • You can work offline and sync your device when you're online

Additional Tips:

  • Thinkific software is free to download, and use, however they need the creation of a Thinkific account.

  • The applications are available on the App Store as well as Google Play.

  • Users have access to the Thinkific platform using their mobile browsers, but the app offers users with a seamless experience.

In the end, Thinkific does have an application for iOS or Android devices that provide users with the capability to access their Thinkific classes on the go access the assignments and then complete them, keep track of the progress of their work and receive notifications of announcements and new content. It also lets students to take quizzes as well as participate in discussion forums with other students, view videos, as well as listen to music files and also work offline, and sync once they are back online. The apps are free in Google Play, the App Store, and Google Play and require an active Thinkific account. It allows users to enjoy an effortless experience while studying on the move and get the most out of their time.