How add intercom to leadpages?


To add an Intercom chat widget to your Leadpages website, you can follow some steps. Log in to your Intercom account and go to the "Inbox" section. Click on "Inbox settings" in the bottom left corner. Select "Messenger" from the menu on the left. Click on "Install Intercom" and copy the code that appears. Log in to your Leadpages account and select the landing page where you want to add the Intercom widget. Click on "Edit" to open the landing page editor. Select the "Widgets" tab on the left and click on "HTML". Drag and drop the HTML widget onto your landing page where you want the Intercom chat widget to appear. Paste the Intercom code you copied earlier into the HTML widget. Save and publish your changes to your Leadpages landing page. You should now see the Intercom chat widget appear on your Leadpages website. If you have any further questions or issues, feel free to let me know.


Tips for Adding Intercom to Leadpages

To add Intercom to Leadpages, you can follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Intercom account and navigate to the "Inbox" section.

  2. Click on the "Settings" icon in the bottom left corner and select "Install Intercom."

  3. Choose the "Install with a JavaScript snippet" option and copy the provided code.

  4. Log in to your Leadpages account and go to the page you want to add Intercom to.

  5. Click on "Settings" in the top right corner and select "Tracking Codes."

  6. Paste the Intercom JavaScript code in the "Head Section Tracking Code" field.

  7. Save the changes and publish the page.

Once you've completed these steps, Intercom should be installed on your Leadpages page, and you should be able to use it to communicate with your website visitors.


Adding Intercom to Leadpages can be a beneficial move for businesses that want to improve their customer communication and support. Intercom provides a powerful suite of messaging tools that can help businesses engage with their leads and customers in real-time, provide personalized support, and gain valuable insights into customer behavior.

By integrating Intercom into Leadpages, businesses can add a chat widget to their landing pages, allowing visitors to initiate conversations with the business right from the page. This can increase engagement and provide an opportunity to convert more leads into customers.

Furthermore, Intercom's lead capture forms can help businesses gather valuable lead information and provide personalized follow-up messages to guide prospects down the sales funnel.

Overall, adding Intercom to Leadpages can help businesses streamline their customer communication and support efforts, leading to improved customer satisfaction, retention, and ultimately, revenue.


  1. What is Intercom?

    Answer: Intercom is a customer messaging platform that enables businesses to communicate with their customers across different channels, including email, in-app messaging, and live chat.

  2. How does Intercom work?

    Answer: Intercom works by providing businesses with a centralized platform that enables them to communicate with customers across multiple channels. Businesses can send automated messages, use chatbots, and engage with customers in real-time through live chat.

  3. What are the key features of Intercom?

    Answer: The key features of Intercom include messaging, live chat, email marketing, customer segmentation, automation, and analytics.

  4. What types of businesses use Intercom?

    Answer: Intercom is used by a wide range of businesses, from small startups to large enterprises. It's particularly popular among SaaS companies, e-commerce businesses, and online marketplaces.

  5. How much does Intercom cost?

    Answer: Intercom offers a variety of pricing plans, starting at $39/month for the Basic plan, up to $999/month for the Enterprise plan. The pricing is based on the number of active users and features included in the plan.

  6. Can Intercom integrate with other tools?

    Answer: Yes, Intercom can integrate with a wide range of third-party tools, including CRMs, marketing automation platforms, and analytics tools. Some popular integrations include Salesforce, HubSpot, and Google Analytics.

  7. Does Intercom offer a free trial?

    Answer: Yes, Intercom offers a 14-day free trial for new users. During the trial, users can test out the platform's features and decide if it's a good fit for their business.

  8. Is Intercom secure?

    Answer: Yes, Intercom is secure and takes data privacy seriously. It's GDPR compliant, SOC 2 certified, and offers a range of security features, including two-factor authentication and data encryption.