How does Thinkific integrate with WordPress?

However, they can be integrated to work seamlessly. In this article we'll go over the steps required to connect Thinkific to WordPress.

Thinkific is a complete platform to create, market and selling online courses. WordPress however, in contrast, is a well-known CMS for content. (CMS) which lets users create sites and maintain them. Although Thinkific is a separate platform, and WordPress are two distinct platforms.


Step 1: Install the Thinkific WordPress Plugin

The first step for the first step to integrate Thinkific to WordPress is installing the Thinkific WordPress plugin. The plugin is available in the WordPress plugin repository and can be installed through on the WordPress dashboard. Once the plugin has been installed, you'll have to enable it.

Step 2: Connect Thinkific to WordPress

After activating the plugin you'll need for you to join the Thinkific account on your WordPress website. To accomplish this, you'll have to visit the Thinkific settings page on Your WordPress dashboard and then enter the Thinkific API number. The API key is located in the settings of your Thinkific accounts settings.

Step 3: Configure the Thinkific Settings

When you connect Thinkific to WordPress After connecting, you'll need to modify to configure the Thinkific settings. This involves creating the primary page that lists courses and setting the default site for checkout, as well as selecting which categories of courses you want to display on the website.

Step 4: Add Thinkific Courses to WordPress

After the settings have been set Once the settings are set, you can begin by adding Thinkific course content to your WordPress website. To achieve this, you'll have to visit the Thinkific courses page on your WordPress dashboard and choose the courses you wish to include on your website. You can also make special pages for specific courses and utilize shortcodes to display information about the course prices, course information, and other details.

Step 5: Customize the Look and Feel

You can also customize the appearance and appearance for the appearance and feel of Thinkific course on the WordPress website. The integrated WordPress customizer to alter the fonts, colors, and the layout for your course. Additionally, you can use your own CSS to further alter the layout of your courses.

Additional Tips:

  • Be sure to install the latest Version of this plugin activated and installed.

  • If you have any questions If you have any issues, consult the documentation of Thinkific or call their customer service team.

  • Certain WordPress themes might require further modifications to be fully compatible with Thinkific.

In the end it is clear that integrating Thinkific to WordPress is a easy process that can be completed using The Thinkific WordPress plugin. If you follow these instructions, you will be able to quickly integrate Thinkific classes to your WordPress website, and then customize the design and layout to fit your branding. The integration allows users to benefit from an effective e-learning platform that is fully integrated into their site which makes the experience smooth and efficient for the creator and the student.