How Much Does The Average Shopify Store Make Per Month?

How Much Does The Average Shopify Store Make Per Month?


Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows entrepreneurs to create and manage their own online stores. The platform provides a range of tools and features, including customizable storefronts, payment processing, and shipping and fulfillment solutions. Shopify is popular among online retailers because it's user-friendly, affordable, and can be used to sell a wide range of products.


Understanding Shopify

Before we dive into the average income of a Shopify store, it's important to understand how the platform works. Shopify offers several pricing plans that range from $29 to $299 per month. Each plan comes with different features, including the number of staff accounts, sales channels, and reports. Shopify also takes a percentage of your sales, which can range from 0.5% to 2%, depending on the plan you choose.

The Average Shopify Store Income

According to Shopify's official website, the average monthly revenue for a Shopify store is $72,000. However, this number can be misleading because it includes high-performing stores that make millions of dollars per month. In reality, the majority of Shopify stores make much less than $72,000 per month. A more realistic estimate of the average monthly income for a Shopify store is between $200 and $1,000. This range takes into account the fact that some stores make very little money, while others make a decent amount of income.

Factors that Affect Your Shopify Store Income

The income of your Shopify store depends on several factors, including:

  • Niche selection

  • Marketing strategies

  • Product quality and pricing

  • Customer service and Experience

Niche Selection

Choosing the right niche is crucial to the success of your Shopify store. You want to select a niche that's profitable, but also not oversaturated. Some popular niches on Shopify include fashion, beauty, and home goods. However, these niches are also very competitive. So it may be beneficial to choose a niche market. They are eco-friendly products or pet supplies.

Marketing Strategies

Marketing is key to driving traffic and sales to your Shopify store. You can use a variety of marketing strategies. It includes social media, email marketing, and paid advertising. It's important to identify your target audience and use marketing channels that are most effective in reaching them.

Product Quality and Pricing

The quality of your products is important to the success of your Shopify store. You want to offer products that are high-quality, unique, and competitively priced. It's also important to regularly assess and adjust your pricing strategy to ensure that you're not pricing your products too high or too low.

Customer Service and Experience

Providing a positive customer experience is crucial to the success of your Shopify store. You want to provide fast and efficient customer service, easy navigation on your website, and a seamless checkout

How to Increase Your Shopify Store Income

If you're looking to increase your Shopify store income, there are several strategies you can implement to achieve this goal. These strategies are designed to help you optimize your store for search engines, drive traffic to your site, and convert that traffic into sales. We share some tips to begin the project as follows:

  1. Optimize your product pages: Your product pages are the heart of your store. So it's important to make sure they are optimized for search engines. Use relevant keywords in your product titles and descriptions, and make sure your images are high-quality and optimized for fast loading times.

  2. Invest in paid advertising: Paid advertising can be an effective way to drive traffic to your site and increase your sales. Consider running ads on platforms like Google Ads or Facebook Ads to reach your target audience.

  3. Presents promotions and discounts: Everyone admires a remarkable deal. It is important to offer discounts or promotions to entice customers to make a purchase. This can be effective if you run these promotions during peak shopping periods like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

  4. Leverage social media: Social media can be a powerful tool for driving traffic to your site and increasing your sales. Make sure you're regularly posting on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. It is good to consider running social media ads to reach the audience.

  5. Use email marketing: Email marketing can be an effective way to reach your customers and promote your products. Make sure you're regularly sending out newsletters and promotional emails. The goal is to keep your customers engaged and informed about your latest products and offers.

By implementing these strategies, you can increase your Shopify store income and take your business to the next level. Remember to track your progress and adjust your strategies as needed to ensure you're getting the best results possible.

Average Shopify Store Income per Month

The average revenue for a Shopify store varies greatly depending on the niche, marketing strategies, and other factors. However, according to Shopify's own data, the average monthly revenue for a Shopify store is around $1,200.

It's important to note that this figure is just an average, and there are many stores that make far more than that every month. There are the right marketing strategies and a solid understanding of your target audience. It's possible to build a highly profitable Shopify store. It generates thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in revenue each month.

How to Run A Shopify Store Successfully

To achieve success with your Shopify store, you need to focus on:

  • Optimizing your website for search engines.

  • Creating a compelling hook that will attract visitors and convert them into paying customers.

  • This requires a deep understanding of your target audience.

  • Including their pain points, needs, and desires.

  • A solid understanding of the latest marketing.

  • Conversion optimization strategies.


By consistently optimizing your store and experimenting with new marketing tactics, you can gradually increase your monthly revenue and build a successful e-commerce business on the Shopify platform. So don't be discouraged by the average revenue figures - with hard work, dedication, and a willingness to learn, you can achieve great success with your Shopify store.