How much is GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel is a contemporary marketing and sales platform that was designed for medium and small-sized businesses.


It has a wide range of features , such as lead generation as well as emails for marketing and landing pages and web builders all within one place.



GoHighLevel offers three pricing plans: Professional, Starter Enterprise, and Professional. The Starter plan costs $39.90 per month, while the Professional plan costs $79 per month and the Enterprise plan costs $199 per month.

Features of the Starter Plan:

The Starter plan provides basic features like the ability to generate leads, marketing emails as well as landing page templates. This plan lets you'll be able to build unlimited landing pages and email campaigns. You also get the ability to access basic statistics. This plan is great for small-sized businesses with minimal marketing requirements.

Features of the Professional Plan:

The Professional plan includes advanced features like lead magnets, website builders and A/B testing. Through this program, you are able to build endless websites, landing pages and email campaigns as well as lead magnets. This plan also offers more advanced analytics as well as integrations with the most popular tools, such as Zapier or Mailchimp. This plan is great for small and medium-sized companies that have more complicated marketing requirements.

Features of the Enterprise Plan:

This plan was designed to suit large-scale businesses. It includes all of the features available in the Professional plan, as well as additional features like an account manager with a dedicated account, custom integrations as well as priority customer support. This plan is perfect for companies that require the highest level of customization and support.


GoHighLevel is a full marketing and sales platform that provides a variety of options for companies of any size. The pricing plans are affordable priced and come with a variety of features to satisfy the demands of different companies. Its Starter plan is perfect for small-sized businesses with minimal marketing requirements, while the Professional plan is perfect for medium-sized businesses that have more extensive marketing requirements and the Enterprise plan is perfect for larger businesses that require the most customized features and support.