How to Add Google Calendar to GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel is a marketing and sales automation tool that assists businesses improve their sales and marketing processes.


One of the strengths of GoHighLevel is its ability to connect with other platforms and tools such as Google Calendar. We'll explain how you can add Google Calendar to GoHighLevel.


Step 1: Join Google's Account

To connect Google Calendar in GoHighLevel it is necessary join to your Google accounts to GoHighLevel. To do this, head to the Integrations section of GoHighLevel, then select "Google." Then, you'll be asked to sign in using Google. Sign in with your Google account.

Step 2. Authorize GoHighLevel to access your Google Account:

After you've signed into you Google login, you'll have to authorise GoHighLevel in order to gain access to the Google account. Click "Allow" to allow GoHighLevel access to your Google account.

Step 3: Select Google Calendar You Want to Integrate:

After you've been able to authorize GoHighLevel to connect to your Google account then you'll be able select the Google Calendar you'd like to connect to GoHighLevel. In the Integrations section within GoHighLevel and click on "Google Calendar." Select your Google Calendar you want to connect and then click "Connect."


Step 4: Configure the Integration

Next step setting to integrate GoHighLevel as well as Google Calendar. Under the section for integrations, navigate on to "Google Calendar" and click "Settings." You can decide to connect with your Google Calendar with GoHighLevel or to import only the events of your Google Calendar into GoHighLevel.

Step 5: Begin to Use the Integration

After you've setup your integration of GoHighLevel with Google Calendar, you can begin using it. Go through GoHighLevel's Google Calendar section in GoHighLevel and you'll be able to see the Google Calendar events. You can edit, add or delete events as well as see the Google Calendar in different views like weekday, day or month.

Step 6: Personalize the Integration

You can also modify how you integrate GoHighLevel with Google Calendar to meet your requirements. For instance, you can select the Google Calendar events to import into GoHighLevel as well as select the format of the events that are imported.

Step 7 Control the Integration

Additionally, you can control the connection between GoHighLevel with Google Calendar from the Integrations section of GoHighLevel. You can check what the state of integration looks like and also make required modifications.


Connecting Google Calendar to GoHighLevel is simple and simple. Connecting to your Google account with GoHighLevel by authorization for GoHighLevel with access rights to your Google account as well as creating the integration, you are able to begin using Google Calendar in conjunction with GoHighLevel. Through the integration you will be able to control the Google Calendar events directly from GoHighLevel which makes it much easier to manage your marketing and sales tasks.