How to Add Sezzle to Shopify?


If you're looking to offer your customers the option to pay for their purchases in installments, adding Sezzle to your Shopify store is a smart move. With Sezzle, your customers can split their purchases into four interest-free payments, making it easier for them to afford the items they want.



To add Sezzle to your Shopify store, follow these simple steps:

Create a Sezzle account

If you don't already have one, go to Sezzle's website and sign up for an account.

Install the Sezzle app

Once you have your Sezzle account, go to the Shopify App Store and search for the Sezzle app. Click "Add app" and follow the instructions to install it.

Set up Sezzle on your store

With the app installed, you'll need to configure your Sezzle settings. This includes setting your payment threshold, determining how Sezzle displays on your store, and customizing messaging.

Test Sezzle

Before you launch Sezzle on your store, make sure to test it out. Place an order using Sezzle and ensure that everything is working properly.

Launch Sezzle

With everything set up and tested, you're ready to launch Sezzle on your store. Make sure to promote it to your customers so they know they have the option to pay with Sezzle.


Adding Sezzle to your Shopify store is a great way to increase sales and make it easier for your customers to afford the items they want. By following these steps, you'll have Sezzle up and running on your store in no time!


Q: What is Sezzle and why should I add it to my Shopify store?

Answer: Sezzle is a popular payment solution that allows customers to buy now and pay later, in four interest-free installments. By adding Sezzle to your Shopify store, you can offer your customers a flexible and affordable way to shop, while increasing your sales and conversions.

Q: How do I add Sezzle to my Shopify store?

Answer: Adding Sezzle to your Shopify store is easy and quick. First, sign up for a Sezzle account and get approved. Then, install the Sezzle app in your Shopify store and follow the step-by-step instructions. You can customize the look and feel of Sezzle to match your store's branding and start accepting Sezzle payments in minutes.

Q: What are the benefits of using Sezzle for my Shopify store?

Answer: There are several benefits of using Sezzle for your Shopify store. First, you can attract more customers who prefer to buy now and pay later, especially millennials and Gen Z shoppers. Second, you can increase your average order value and repeat purchases, as Sezzle customers tend to spend more and shop more frequently. Third, you can reduce your cart abandonment rate, as Sezzle reduces the financial friction and checkout anxiety for customers.

Q: Is Sezzle safe and secure for my customers and my store?

Answer: Yes, Sezzle is safe and secure for both your customers and your store. Sezzle uses the latest encryption and fraud prevention technologies to protect sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access. Sezzle also assumes all credit risk and fraud for every transaction, so you can sell with confidence and peace of mind.

Q: What are the fees and charges for using Sezzle in my Shopify store?

Answer: Sezzle charges a small processing fee per transaction, which is based on the total amount and varies by country and region. Sezzle also charges a penalty fee for late or failed payments, but these are rare and usually resolved quickly. You can check the Sezzle website for the latest fees and charges, or contact Sezzle support for more information.

Q: How can I promote Sezzle to my customers and increase my sales?

Answer: There are several ways to promote Sezzle to your customers and increase your sales. First, add Sezzle to your checkout page and display the Sezzle logo and messaging prominently. Second, create targeted campaigns and promotions that highlight Sezzle as a payment option and offer incentives for using it, such as discounts or free shipping. Third, use social media and email marketing to reach out to your audience and educate them about the benefits of Sezzle. You can also collaborate with Sezzle on co-marketing initiatives and join the Sezzle merchant network to gain more exposure and visibility.