How to Book One on One Session in Learnworlds

Discover how to enhance the learning experience by booking one-on-one sessions in Learnworlds. Create personalized interactions with your students.

How to Book One on One Session in Learnworlds

In today's digital era, online learning platforms have revolutionized the way we acquire knowledge. Learnworlds, a leading e-learning platform, empowers educators to create and deliver engaging online courses. While group learning experiences are valuable, sometimes students require personalized attention to delve deeper into specific topics or address individual challenges. Learnworlds understands this need and provides the functionality to book one-on-one sessions directly within the platform.


Process of Booking Personalized One-on-one Sessions in Learnworlds

In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of booking personalized one-on-one sessions in Learnworlds, enabling you to provide tailored learning experiences to your students.

Step 1: Setting up your availability

Before students can book one-on-one sessions with you, you need to define your availability. Follow these steps:

  1. Access your Learnworlds instructor dashboard and navigate to the "Calendar" or "Appointments" section.

  2. Choose the dates and times when you are available for one-on-one sessions. Consider your schedule and time zone to ensure clarity for your students.

  3. Set the duration of each session and any buffer time required between appointments to avoid overlapping.

  4. Save your availability settings, and they will be reflected on your public calendar, accessible to students.

Step 2: Enabling one-on-one session booking

Now that your availability is set, it's time to enable students to book one-on-one sessions with you:

  1. In your Learnworlds instructor dashboard, go to the "Settings" or "Appointment Settings" section.

  2. Enable the option for students to book one-on-one sessions with you.

  3. Configure any additional settings, such as the maximum number of sessions per student or the lead time required for booking.

  4. Save the settings, and the booking feature will be activated for your students.

Step 3: Student booking process

Once you have set up your availability and enabled one-on-one session booking, students can easily schedule sessions with you:

  1. Students access your course or profile page on Learnworlds.

  2. They navigate to the "Book a Session" or similar section, which directs them to your public calendar.

  3. On the calendar, students can view your available time slots and select the most convenient option for them.

  4. They provide their details, such as their name and email address, and confirm the booking.

Step 4: Confirmation and session preparation

Upon receiving a booking request, you will be notified through Learnworlds. Follow these steps to confirm and prepare for the session:

  1. Review the booking request and ensure that it aligns with your availability.

  2. Confirm the session by sending a personalized confirmation message to the student. Include any additional details or requirements for the session.

  3. Prepare any materials, resources, or specific topics to be covered during the session based on the student's needs.

Step 5: Conducting the one-on-one session

When the scheduled time arrives, conduct the one-on-one session using your preferred communication method, such as video conferencing tools, chat platforms, or phone calls. Here are some tips to maximize the effectiveness of the session:

  1. Create a welcoming and supportive atmosphere to make the student feel comfortable and engaged.

  2. Listen actively to the student's questions, concerns, or areas of interest.

  3. Tailor the session to the student's needs, providing personalized guidance and insights.

  4. Use visual aids, interactive exercises, or demonstrations to enhance understanding and retention.

  5. Encourage open dialogue and provide constructive feedback to foster a productive learning environment.


Booking one-on-one sessions in Learnworlds unlocks the potential for personalized and tailored learning experiences. By following the steps outlined in this blog, you can set up your availability, enable booking functionality, and seamlessly connect with your students on an individual level. Empower your students to dive deeper into course content, address specific challenges, and receive personalized guidance. Elevate the learning experience by booking one-on-one sessions in Learnworlds and foster meaningful connections with your students.