How to Configure Facebook Pixel on GoHighLevel?

Facebook Pixel is an app that allows businesses to measure and track the effectiveness of Facebook and Instagram advertisements.


GoHighLevel is an automation platform for sales and marketing platform, is integrated and Facebook Pixel to help businesses enhance their campaigns for advertising. This article will explain how to set up the Facebook Pixel to work with GoHighLevel.


Step 1: Create an account on Facebook. Facebook Pixel:

To set up a Facebook Pixel on GoHighLevel, you'll have to create an account on Facebook Pixel. If already own a Facebook Pixel you're able to skip this step. To create a new Facebook Pixel, visit Facebook Ads Manager and click on "Pixels." Select the "Create the Pixel" option to make a brand new Facebook Pixel.

Step 2: Set up The Facebook Pixel on your Website:

Once you've made an Facebook Pixel then you'll have to add it to your site. To do this, head to Facebook Ads Manager and click on "Pixels." Then, click on the Facebook Pixel's name that you would like to install. Follow the steps that are provided for installing Facebook's Facebook Pixel onto your site.

Step 3: Connect your Facebook account to GoHighLevel:

To set up Facebook Pixel on GoHighLevel, you'll have join the Facebook accounts to GoHighLevel. To do this, head to the Integrations section of GoHighLevel & then click "Facebook." You'll be asked to sign in using the Facebook account you have. Facebook account.

Step 4: Authorize GoHighLevel To Log in to your Facebook Account:

After you've signed into the details of your Facebook login, then you'll have to allow GoHighLevel access to you Facebook account. Click "Allow" to give GoHighLevel access to your Facebook account.


Step 5: Select the Facebook Pixel You'd like to integrate:

After you've authorized GoHighLevel for access to your Facebook account & you'll be able select the Facebook Pixel you'd like to connect to GoHighLevel. In the Integrations section of GoHighLevel and click on "Facebook Pixel." Select Facebook Pixel Facebook Pixel you would like to integrate, and then click "Connect."

Step 6: Create the Integration

Next step setting an integration with GoHighLevel with Facebook Pixel. Under the section for integrations, navigate there to "Facebook Pixel" & click on "Settings." You can decide to integrate the data from ur Facebook Pixel with GoHighLevel or to import events only directly from Facebook Pixel into GoHighLevel.

Step 7: Begin Using the Integration:

Once you've established your integration of GoHighLevel as well as Facebook Pixel, you can begin using it. Go into GoHighLevel's Facebook Pixel section of GoHighLevel & you'll be able see all of your Facebook Pixel activities. You can access the Facebook Pixel information including ad performance along with conversion rates, and much more.

Step 8: Personalize the Integration

You can also modify your integration with GoHighLevel with Facebook Pixel to suit your requirements. For instance, you could select the Facebook Pixel events to import into GoHighLevel as-well-as select the format used for the events that are imported.

Step 9: Control the Integration

Additionally, you can control the connection of GoHighLevel with Facebook Pixel Facebook-Pixel from the Integrations section of GoHighLevel. You can check what is happening with the integration, and also make required modifications.


Configuring Facebook Pixel for GoHighLevel is simple and easy. After connecting the account on your Facebook account with GoHighLevel by permitting GoHighLevel to connect with your Facebook account and creating the integration, you'll be able to begin working with Facebook Pixel with GoHighLevel. With this integration, you will be able to track and evaluate the effectiveness for Facebook and Instagram ads. Facebook & Instagram advertisements directly via GoHighLevel which makes it much easier to track your marketing & sales efforts.