How to Connect Google Analytics to Semrush?

The process of connecting Google Analytics to Semrush can give businesses valuable insight on the performances of their

Websites as well as how it impact their marketing strategie on the internet. Here is a step-by-step guide for connecting Google Analytics to Semrush:

Step 1: Log in to Semrush

For you to link Google Analytics to Semrush, you must first login into the Semrush account.


Step 2: Visit"Projects" section

After you have signed in, you can go on to The "Projects" section of the dashboard. This is where you'll be able to organize and manage the various projects on your website.

Step 3. Create a brand new project

Click the "Create a project" button to create a brand new project on your website. Then, you will be asked by a prompt to input the web address for your site and choose the appropriate search engine.

Step 4: Connect to Google Analytics

After you've set up the project, you'll be directed to the dashboard of your project. Click the "Connect to Google Analytics" button to connect to your Google Analytics account.

Step 5: Log in to Google Analytics

You will be asked to sign in into Google Analytics. You will be asked to sign in with your Google Analytics account. If you already have signed in and have logged in, you will be directed directly to the authorization screen.

Step 6: Authorize the connection

The authorization screen will appear, and you can click"Allow. "Allow" button to authorize the connection between Google Analytics and Semrush. 

Step 7: Choose the right view

After the connection has been established once the connection has been established, you will be asked to select the correct view for your project. Choose the view that is closest to the site you are working on.

Step 8: Check the connection

After selecting the correct view and clicked the appropriate view, connections between Google Analytics & Semrush will be confirmed. Then, you'll be in a position to access all of your Google Analytics data within Semrush.

Benefits of the connection of Google Analytics to Semrush:

  • Increased performance of websites: By joining Google Analytics to Semrush, companies can gain valuable insight on how they are performing on their site and how it impacts their marketing strategies on the internet.

  • Better understanding of audience: Google Analytics provides detailed information regarding the demographic and behavior of site visitor. This information is used to enhance the effectiveness and targeting of online marketing strategies.

  • More precise data: More accurate data: Semrush's integration with Google Analytics to Semrush ensures that the data used in the analysis of digital marketing is precise and current.

  • Better decision-making: Data from Google Analytics can be used to make informed decisions about the design of websites, their content and marketing strategy.


  • Google Analytics data is only accessible to those with the appropriate permissions.

  • It could take a while until the files are transferred to the different platforms.

  • Companies will require an Google Analytics account and have to the account set up correctly.


Converting Google Analytics to Semrush can give businesses valuable insight into the performance of their websites as-well-as how it impacts their marketing strategies on the internet. The process is fairly simple and can be accomplished in just a few easy steps. When you connect Google Analytics to Semrush, businesses will gain a deeper comprehension of their target audience and take more informed choices, and make sure that the information used in analysis is current and accurate. But, it's crucial to remember that companies must have an existing Google Analytics account and have established it properly and the data will only be accessible to users who have the right permissions. It could take a while for data to be synchronized across the platforms.