How to Create a form in ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign is an extremely powerful marketing automation system that lets you create as well as manage your forms on your site as well as email campaigns or landing pages.

Creating a Form in ActiveCampaign:

In this article we'll walk you through the steps making a contact form with ActiveCampaign.


Step 1: Login to your ActiveCampaign account.

To make a form, you'll need to log into the ActiveCampaign account. If you do not have an account, you can join for a no-cost Trial through the ActiveCampaign website.

Step 2: Click"Forms" from the main menu "Forms" option from the main menu

Once you've registered, click from the "Forms" option from the main menu. You will be taken into the Forms dashboard, where you are able to review, edit and create new forms.

Step 3: click"New Form. "New Form" button

In the dashboard for Forms, click"New Form." On the form dashboard, click on "New Form" button to create your own form. You will be taken to the form builder , where you can modify the form.

Step 4: Select the template for your form

ActiveCampaign provides a range of templates for forms to select from. Choose one that best meets your needs , and then alter it to meet your individual needs.

Step 5: Personalize your form

Once you've chosen an option, you can begin to customize the form. You can include new fields, alter the layout, and then design the form to fit your site's design.

Step 6: Fill in form fields

With Form Builder Form Builder, you can include form fields like text fields as well as checkboxes, dropdown menus and many more. You can also configure the fields to be required or optional.

Step 7: Create the form of actions

ActiveCampaign lets you create different actions that be performed when a visitor fills out your form. There are a variety of options, including redirecting visitors to a specific page or sending an autoresponder message or adding the person to a certain list.

Step 8: Create your own form

ActiveCampaign provides a variety of design options that allow you to alter the appearance and experience of your forms. You can alter colors, fonts and background, as well as add videos and images.

Step 9: Create your form

Once you've completed designing and customizing your form, you are able to add it to your website as well as a landing page. ActiveCampaign gives you an HTML code can be copied and pasted to your website.

Step 10: Test and improve

Before you publish your form, you must test it to ensure that it's functioning properly. It is also possible to use A/B tests to optimize your form and enhance its performance.


Making a form with ActiveCampaign is a simple procedure that can be done in just a few steps. Following this tutorial you can design forms that are tailored to your particular requirements and needs. Furthermore, ActiveCampaign offers a wide variety of options for customization which allow you to create and create a form that is distinct and interesting.