How to Deliver Bonuses with GoHighLevel?

Offering bonuses to your customers is a fantastic method to show appreciation and thank them with their trust.


With GoHighLevel it is easy to offer bonuses to your customers via it's lead generation features, emails marketing and landing pages.


Step 1: Create a Lead Magnet:

The term "lead magnet" refers to an product or service you give away in exchange for your customer's contact details like an email address. To create a lead - magnet in GoHighLevel, visit the Lead Magnets section and create your own lead magnet. You can select from a wide range of templates or design your own by starting from scratch.

Step 2: Set up a Landing Page:

The term "landing page" refers to a website page designed to attract leads. To build a landing page within GoHighLevel you must go there to the Landing Pages section and create your own landing page. Select a landing page template that is appropriate in your lead magnet, and alter it to reflect your branding.

Step 3: Add a Form:

To gather leads for lead generation, you'll need to include an online form on your website's landing page. Go into the Forms section of GoHighLevel then create a brand new form. Input fields to collect the information you'd like to collect, including name, emailaddress, and any other pertinent information.

Step 4: Link the Lead Magnet to the Landing Page:

Once you've made your page for your lead magnet, it is time to connect them. Visit your Lead Magnets section and make edits to the content of your lead-generating magnet. Within the "Delivery" section, select the landing page you made earlier. It will make sure that visitors get redirected on your page when they have submitted their contact details.

Step 5: Set up an Email Campaign:

A campaign for email is set of automated email messages that are delivered to your clients. To create an email campaign on GoHighLevel, head to the Email Campaigns section and create the campaign. Select a template appropriate for your reward delivery, and then customize it to fit your branding.

Step 6: Deliver the Bonus:

The last step is to distribute the reward to your clients. It is possible to do this by sending them an email containing an download link or coupon code that allows them that allows them to claim the reward. For this, you need to include the bonus in your email campaign and then schedule the email to go out after the client has subscribed for your lead magnet.

Step 7: Track and Analyze:

GoHighLevel offers analytics and reports to help you monitor and evaluate your campaigns. The Analytics tab, you'll be able to find out how many people have joined your email list, the number of people who have claimed the reward, and more.


Giving out bonuses using GoHighLevel is simple and easy. Through it's lead generation and email marketing and landing page functions it is possible to create an entire system for delivering bonuses which is automated, monitored and analysed. With GoHighLevel it is possible to show your clients that you appreciate your loyalty and then reward them with a reward.