How to Disavow Backlinks in SEMrush

Backlinks, sometimes referred to as "inbound" links are those that come from other websites that link towards your site. They are essential to optimize your search engine (SEO) as they signal Google that the other sites are considering your content to be valuable.


But there are many different kinds of backlinks and not all are made equal. Some backlinks might originate from poor quality or spammy websites, and could hurt your SEO. In these instances it is recommended to eliminate these backlinks. SEMrush is an electronic marketing tool that helps you to identify and remove dangerous backlinks.


Step 1: Identifying Harmful Backlinks

  • Log into your SEMrush account

  • In the left-hand sidebar, click "Backlink Audit"

  • "Backlink Audit" under "Backlink Audit," click on "Backlinks"

  • Simply click on "All links" to see an overview of all backlinks for your website.

  • Utilize filters to narrow the search results to specific kinds of backlinks. For example "Nofollow" or "Red" (harmful) hyperlinks.

  • Check the list and note the links you'd like to eliminate

Step 2. Exporting the complete list backlinks that are harmful

  • Once you've identified the links you wish to remove Once you have identified them, you can save them as a file

  • In the upper right-hand part of the "Backlinks" page, click on "Export"

  • Choose the format you would like to export the list (e.g. CSV, Excel)

  • Save the file on your computer.


Step 3: Submitting your list to Google

  • Once you've got an inventory of backlinks you would like to get rid of it is time to send the list to Google

  • Go to the Google Search Console

  • Click on the site you wish to remove hyperlinks for.

  • In the left sidebar, select "Security & Manual Actions"

  • In the section "Security & Manual Actions," click on "Disavow links"

  • Click "Disavow links" again to start the Disavow Links tool.

  • Simply click on "Choose file" and select the file with the links you exported from SEMrush

  • Select "Disavow links" to submit the list to Google

Step 4: Watch the outcomes

  • Once you've submitted your list of hyperlinks you wish to remove it, it might take a while to Google to consider it

  • Examine your website's search rankings and traffic to determine what improvements you can make.

  • You can also check your "Security & Manual Actions" section of Google's Google Search Console to see whether Google took any actions regarding the links you disavowed.


The disavow of backlinks is a crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy profile of backlinks for your site. Utilizing SEMrush to find and remove harmful backlinks and then sending that list to Google and Google, you will be able to ensure your website's SEO and increase its rankings in search engines. However, it is essential to remember that disavowing backlinks is only a last option. Make contact with the webmaster of the site that links to you and request that they remove the link before proceeding with the disavow procedure.