How to Duplicate a Pipeline in GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel is a marketing and sales automation tool that lets you to control your marketing and sales activities from one location.


One of its strengths is the ability to design and manage pipelines that are basically sales funnels. This article will demonstrate how to replicate the pipeline using GoHighLevel.


Step 1: Sign in to GoHighLevel:

In order to duplicate the pipeline using GoHighLevel it is necessary to sign in into the GoHighLevel account. Visit GoHighLevel's GoHighLevel website and type in your login details.

Step 2: Visit Section Pipelines: Pipelines Section:

Once you've logged into GoHighLevel navigate there to go the Pipelines section. Here you'll be able to see as well as manage and create duplicate pipelines.

Step 3: Locate the Pipeline you want to duplicate:

Under the Pipelines section, locate the pipeline that you wish to duplicate. Use the search function or browse through the pipelines to locate the one you're looking for.

Step 4: Detach the Pipeline:

Once you've located the pipeline you'd like to duplicate, click that to bring it into view.

Step 5: Click"Duplicate" button:

After you've opened the pipe, you'll notice Duplicate buttons at the top right on the display. Click the Duplicate button in order to create an exact copy from the pipe.


Step 6: Change the name of this pipeline Duplicated Pipeline:

When you click"Duplicate" another pipeline will then be built using exactly the same title as the first pipeline. You'll have to change the name of the duplicated pipeline in order to keep it from being confused. To change the name of the pipeline you need to click on the name of the pipeline at the top right corner. You can then give it a brand new name.

Step 7: Edit the duplicate Pipeline:

Once you've renamed your duplicated pipeline, you are able to begin editing it. You can alter the stages, make additions or deletions to deals or make any other modifications you think is appropriate. The duplicated pipeline is distinct of the pipeline that was originally created therefore you are able to make any modifications you wish without affecting that pipeline.

Step 8: Make sure to save your Duplicated Pipeline:

When you've completed working on the copied pipeline ensure that you save the modifications. To save your changes simply click the Save button located in the upper right-hand edge of the display.

Step 9: Publish the Duplicated Pipeline:

Then, you'll need make the pipeline public in order to activate it. To do this, just click the Publish button located in the upper right corner of your screen.

Step 10: Connect the duplicate Pipeline:

After you've published the duplicated pipeline, you are able to begin to use it. You can see the pipeline as well as add deals as well as manage it as you would with any other pipeline within GoHighLevel.


The process of creating a duplicate pipeline in GoHighLevel is straightforward and simple. Following the steps laid out within this post, you are able to create a duplicate of an old pipeline, and make any necessary adjustments in the copied pipeline. This can help you save time and effort when you create new pipelines and make it easier to stay organised and effective.