How to Duplicate Semrush Keyword Rankings for Myself Ranking Inaccurate?

It can be difficult to duplicate SEMrush's keyword rankings, especially if the rankings are not accurate. There are steps you can take that will improve your keyword rankings accuracy.


Multi-tool use:

SEMrush is only one tool to track keyword rankings. To track your keyword rankings, it's important that you use multiple tools such as ahrefs and Moz. You can cross-reference data to get a better picture of your keyword rankings by using multiple tools.

Verify your tracking settings:

You must ensure that your tracking settings have been set up correctly. You should ensure that your search engine, device type, and location are correct. Your keyword ranking could be affected if your settings are wrong.

You can track your ranking manually:

You can also manually track ur keyword rankings to get better pictures of your ranking. This can be done by searching your keywords manually in the search engine and then recording your rankings. Although it can take some time, this will give you a better pictures of your rankings.

Pay attention to your website's technical SEO:

Your website's technical SEO may not be up to standard, which could impacts your keyword ranking. Your website should be properly indexed by search engines and have a sitemap. It also needs to be mobile-friendly. Also, make sure to check for broken links and 404 errors as they can adversely affect your rankings.


Be aware of your backlinks:

Keyword rankings are influenced by backlinks. You should keep an eye on backlinks to your site and make sure they come from reliable sources. You can take action to remove any links that are spammy or low quality.

Compare your competitors:

Keep an eye out for keywords rankings & competitors. Analyzing your competitors will give you insight into their strategies and help you identify areas that can be improved.

Keep checking for algorithm updates:

Search engine algorithms change constantly, which could impact ur keyword rankings. You can adjust your strategy to keep up with algorithm changes by keeping an eye on the website.

Be aware that rankings fluctuate:

It is important to remember that keyword rankings can fluctuate. Keywords that rank-high today might not rank well tomorrow. The SERP feature can affect your website's visibility in search engines. It can also impact the ranking of your website on mobile and desktop. This is important to remember when you track your keyword rankings. Don't worry about short-term fluctuations.


It can be difficult to duplicate SEMrush's keyword rankings, especially if the rankings are not accurate. You can increase the accuracy of ur keyword rankings by using multiple tools such as SEMrush's tracking settings, monitoring technical SEO on your website, backlink monitoring, and understanding algorithm updates and ranking fluctuation.