How to Find the Sitemap of GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel is an automated sales and marketing platform that assists businesses in automating their marketing & sales activities.


One of the most important aspects of a site is the sitemap. It is an image representation of the layout of a website and the relationship between the pages. This article will demonstrate how to locate the sitemap on GoHighLevel.


Step 1: Sign in to GoHighLevel:

To locate the sitemap for GoHighLevel it is necessary log-in with GoHighLevel. Log in to your GoHighLevel account. Visit GoHighLevel's GoHighLevel website & sign in with your login details.

Step 2: Visit the website section:

After you've logged into GoHighLevel you can visit the section Website. Here you'll have the ability to control ur site, which includes getting the sitemap.

Step 3: Locate the Sitemap:

In the section Website In the Website section, look at under the website section look out for the Sitemap option. It is typically found in the SEO section or in the Settings section, based on the particular configuration for ur GoHighLevel account.

Step 4: Look at the Sitemap:

When you've located that Sitemap option, click it to open the sitemap for the GoHighLevel website. The sitemap will reveal how your site as-well-as the relationships between the pages.

Step 5. Analyze the Sitemap

After you've reviewed the sitemap, it's time to begin to look over it. Find any problems like broken links or pages that aren't there or pages,& make the necessary adjustments to improve the layout of your site.


Step 6. Make changes to the Sitemap

If you notice any problems in the sitemap, you can alter it. You can modify or add pages, alter the relationships among pages or make other modifications. To modify the sitemap, head to the Website section, and then select an option called Pages.

Step 7: Save the Changes

If you've made modifications on the map, make certain to save your modifications. To save your changes simply click the Save button at the upper right area of the page.

Step 8: Update the Sitemap

In the end, you'll need-to make sure that the sitemap is updated with the changes you've made. To accomplish this, return to the Sitemap option & then click the "Update Sitemap button. The sitemap will-be updated to reflect your changes. Make sure that the sitemap matches the structure of your site.


The process of locating the sitemap for GoHighLevel is easy & simple. If you follow the steps in the article you will be able to look up the sitemap for the GoHighLevel site & then make the necessary adjustments for a better structure on your site. A well-organized sitemap can enhance the user experience as-well-as the SEO(Search Engine Optimization) of your website.