How to Get Afterpay on Shopify?

How to Get Afterpay on Shopify?


Afterpay is now available on Shopify! This exciting new integration allows merchants to offer Afterpay as a payment option to their customers, providing a convenient and flexible way to pay over time.

With Afterpay, customers can split their purchase into four interest-free payments, with the first payment due at the time of purchase. This makes it easier for customers to afford the products they want, while also boosting sales for merchants.

Not only does Afterpay increase sales and customer satisfaction, it also provides merchants with guaranteed payment and fraud protection. This means you can sell with confidence, knowing you'll receive payment for your products.

If you're a Shopify merchant looking to add Afterpay as a payment option for your customers, you're in luck. Afterpay is a popular buy now, pay later service that can increase your sales and conversion rates.


Method of Obtaining Afterpay on Shopify

Here's how you can get Afterpay on Shopify.

Sign up for Afterpay

The first step is to sign up for an Afterpay account. You can do this on their website. Afterpay will require some information about your business, including your name, business name, email address, phone number, and website URL.

Install the Afterpay app on Shopify

After you sign up for Afterpay, you'll need to install the Afterpay app on your Shopify store. You can do this by going to the Shopify App Store and searching for Afterpay. Once you find the app, click on "Get" and follow the instructions to install it.

Configure Afterpay settings

After the Afterpay app is installed, you'll need to configure your Afterpay settings. This includes adding your API credentials, setting your payment preferences, and customizing the look and feel of the Afterpay widget.

Test Afterpay

Once you've configured your Afterpay settings, it's time to test it out. Make a test purchase using Afterpay to ensure everything is working properly. If you encounter any issues, contact Afterpay support for assistance.


In conclusion, adding Afterpay to your Shopify store is a straightforward process that can help increase your sales and conversions. By offering Afterpay, you'll be able to provide your customers with a flexible payment option that allows them to pay for their purchases over time.

And setting up Afterpay on Shopify is quick and easy. Simply install the app, customize your settings, and start offering Afterpay as a payment option to your customers.

So what are you waiting for? Start boosting sales and offering your customers more flexible payment options with Afterpay on Shopify.


What is Afterpay?

Afterpay is a popular payment solution that allows customers to pay for their purchases in four interest-free installments. By splitting up the cost of a purchase into smaller payments, customers can enjoy greater flexibility and convenience when shopping online.

How does Afterpay work on Shopify?

Integrating Afterpay with your Shopify store is a simple process. Once you sign up for an Afterpay account and activate the app on your Shopify store, customers will be able to see the option to pay with Afterpay at checkout. Afterpay will then pay you the full amount upfront, and handle the installment payments directly with the customer.

Why should I offer Afterpay on my Shopify store?

There are several compelling reasons to offer Afterpay on your Shopify store. First, it can help to increase conversions by offering customers a more flexible and convenient payment option. Second, it can attract new customers who are looking for a payment solution that suits their needs. Finally, it can help to increase average order value by enabling customers to purchase more items at once.

Is Afterpay safe and secure?

Yes, Afterpay is a safe and secure payment option for both customers and merchants. Afterpay uses advanced encryption and security protocols to protect customer data, and is fully compliant with all relevant payment regulations.

How do I get started with Afterpay on Shopify?

Getting started with Afterpay on Shopify is easy. Simply sign up for an Afterpay account, activate the app on your Shopify store, and start accepting Afterpay payments at checkout. With Afterpay, you can provide your customers with a more convenient and flexible payment option, while also boosting your sales and conversions.