How to Insert Google Maps Into SMS Gohighlevel?

SMS GoHighLevel is cloud-based SMS marketing system that lets businesses send SMS campaigns to their clients.

Inserting Google Map into SMS GoHighLevel

It's an effective method of reaching customers in areas where it is most probable that they will read and receive messages. In this post, we'll examine how to add Google Map into SMS GoHighLevel.


Why would you want to include Google Map into SMS

Integrating the use of a Google Map into your SMS marketing campaign could bring numerous benefits for your company. The benefits are:

Information about the location:

Google Map can be used to give location information to customers. This is particularly useful for businesses with several locations. In the event that you include a map in your SMS, customers are able to quickly find the closest location.


Google Map can also be utilized to give customers directions to your location. This is particularly useful for those who are not familiar with the region.

Brand Awareness:

By including an Google Map into your SMS it will boost brand recognition. Your customers will be able to see your company on the map which will help to improve the brand's recognition.

How do I Insert Google Map into SMS GoHighLevel

Incorporating the Google Map into SMS GoHighLevel is an easy procedure.

Follow these steps to insert a map in your SMS:

Step 1: Login to your GoHighLevel account. GoHighLevel account.

Step 2. Create a brand new SMS campaign, or modify an existing one.

Step 3. In the editor for SMS select"Insert Image. "Insert Image" button.

Step 4: Choose "Google Maps" from the options

Step 5: Type in the address or the location you would like to be displayed on the map.

Step 6: Personalize the map according to your preferences with respect to size, as well as zoom scale.

Step 7: Click "Insert" to add the map to your SMS.

 Step 8: Look over the SMS to confirm that the map is displayed accurately

Step 9: SMS to your customers

Tips to Use Google Map in SMS Marketing

Here are some suggestions to use Google Map in your SMS marketing campaigns:

Provide Context:

If you include an image of a map within your text message, be sure to explain the reasons why the map is pertinent. This could be as simple as simply saying "Check out our position in the below map!"

Make it visually appealing:

Utilize various colors, markers and labels to make your map more visually attractive. This helps draw attention to the map, and increase the likelihood that they'll be able to engage with it.


Make use of the tool for Highlight Promotions or Sales:

Make use of this map for highlighting sales or sales at particular places. This will get customers to the places and increase sales.

Facilitate Interaction with:

Be sure the map is simple for users to interact with. It is important that your map needs to be simple to zoom both in and out. It is also important the labels and markers should be easily visible.

Stay up-to-date:

Be sure to keep the map updated. This means that when you go to the map for a new location, it should change the map with the new place.


Integrating Google Map into your SMS marketing campaigns can bring many benefits to your company. By adding a map to your SMS, you will be able to provide information about location, directions and boost brand recognition. To include the Google Map into SMS GoHighLevel you need to sign in to your account, then create an entirely new SMS campaign following the instructions within this post. With these guidelines you can utilize Google Map in your SMS marketing campaigns to improve outcomes and increase sales.