How to Integrate Aweber with Leadpages

Connecting Aweber and Leadpages a straightforward procedure that will help you build your email list and enhance your marketing strategies.

How to Integrate Aweber with Leadpages

Through the connection of your Aweber account with Leadpages you'll be able to effortlessly collect and manage emails from your landing pages as well as opt-in forms. This is a step-by-step tutorial for integrating Aweber to Leadpages.


Step 1: Sign Up for Leadpages and Aweber Accounts

To begin you'll need to register for both Aweber and Leadpages. Aweber accounts. If you have already signed up for a Leadpages account you're able to do this without a step. If you do not already have an Aweber account You can sign up for a trial offer at their web site.

Step 2: Connect Aweber to Leadpages

Once both accounts are established, sign into your Leadpages account. Go into the "Integrations" tab. You'll be presented with the list of integrations available, including Aweber. Click "Connect" in the middle of Aweber integration to link your Aweber account with Leadpages.

Step 3: Authorize Leadpages to Access Your Aweber Account

If You click "Connect" in Leadpages you'll be asked to allow Leadpages to connect to Aweber accounts. Aweber account. Select "Allow" to proceed.


Step 4: Select Your Aweber List

Once you've given Leadpages the permission to connect to account information from your Aweber Account, then you'll be required to choose the Aweber list you wish to incorporate into the Leadpages pages you want to use for landing. Select the list you'd like to connect and select "Connect List."

Step 5: Create a Leadpages Landing Page

If you have your Aweber account linked and your Aweber account connected, you can make an Leadpages site for your landing. Leadpages offers a wide range of templates you can choose from to pick one that is in line with your brand and objectives.

Step 6: Add an Opt-in Form to Your Landing Page

After you've got your landing page designed and you're ready to include an opt-in form in order to gather email addresses. To do this, just click and drag an opt in widget on your page.

Step 7: Connect Your Opt-in Form to Your Aweber List

When you've added the opt-in page on your page's landing pages, you'll have to join it with your Aweber list. To accomplish this, visit"Settings" under the "Settings" tab of your opt-in page and select "Aweber" for your preferred email service. After that, choose the Aweber email list you would like to use , and select "Save."

Step 8: Publish Your Landing Page

Once you have your opt-in form linked with your Aweber list Your landing page is ready be published. It is possible to publish the landing page on your own domain or utilize the built-in hosting of Leadpages.

Step 9: Start Collecting Emails

When you have your landing page as well as an opt-in form in place and linked with your Aweber account, you'll be able to begin taking email addresses. When people sign up on your landing page and provide their email addresses, they will be added automatically into the Aweber list.


Through connecting Aweber and Leadpages it is easy to track emails and maintain them on your landing pages as well as opt-in forms. It's easy and straightforward and will help you increase your list of email subscribers and enhance your marketing strategies. If you're just starting out or an experienced marketer using Aweber as well as Leadpages is a fantastic option to increase your email marketing efforts to the next step.