How to Integrate Clickfunnels with AWeber?

Integration of ClickFunnels to Aweber is an easy procedure that will help you build your email list and enhance your marketing strategies

How to Integrate Clickfunnels with AWeber?

When you connect your Aweber account to ClickFunnels you will be able to easily track and manage the email addresses of your funnels and opt-in form. This step-by step guide will show you how to connect ClickFunnels to Aweber:


Step 1: Sign Up for ClickFunnels and Aweber Accounts

In order to begin it is necessary to create each of ClickFunnels or Aweber accounts. If you have already a ClickFunnels account, you may bypass this process. If you do not possess an Aweber account then you can sign-up to try it for free on their site.

Step 2: Connect Aweber to ClickFunnels

Once both accounts are established, sign into your ClickFunnels account, and then click the "Integrations" tab. You'll be able to see an array of integrations including Aweber. Click to "Connect" in the middle of Aweber integration to link to your Aweber accounts to ClickFunnels.

Step 3: Authorize ClickFunnels to Access Your Aweber Account

If when you hit "Connect" within ClickFunnels and you'll be asked to allow ClickFunnels access to the account of your Aweber account. Select "Allow" to proceed.


Step 4: Select Your Aweber List

Once you've granted ClickFunnels to connect to the Aweber Account, you'll be required to choose the Aweber list you wish to integrate in conjunction with the ClickFunnels funnels. Select the list you'd like to join and select "Connect List."

Step 5: Create a ClickFunnels Funnel

Once you have your Aweber account linked and your account set up, you can make an ClickFunnels funnel. ClickFunnels has a wide selection of templates you can choose from and you can pick one that best fits your brand and objectives.

Step 6: Add an Opt-in Form to Your Funnel

After you've got your funnel in place You can then add an opt-in form for collecting email addresses. To do this, you simply add an opt-in widget into your funnel.

Step 7: Connect Your Opt-in Form to Your Aweber List

When you've added the opt-in page into your channel, you'll have to join it with your Aweber list. To accomplish this, click on your "Settings" tab of your opt-in page and choose "Aweber" for your preferred email service. Select the Aweber list you wish to utilize and select "Save."

Step 8: Publish Your Funnel

Once you have your opt-in form linked with your Aweber list the funnel is now ready to go live. It is possible to publish the funnel on a domain you have created or make use of ClickFunnels integrated hosting.

Step 9: Start Collecting Emails

After you have your opt-in funnel and opt-in forms installed and linked with your Aweber account, you'll be able to begin gathering email addresses. When people sign up through your funnel the email address they provide will be included in the Aweber list.


Through the integration of ClickFunnels with Aweber It is possible to track emails and handle them through the funnels as well as opt-in form. It's simple and straightforward, and will allow you to grow your email list as well as improve your marketing strategies. No matter if you're a novice or an experienced marketer the integration of ClickFunnels as well as Aweber is a fantastic method to increase your email marketing efforts to the next stage.