How to Make a Segment on Aweber?

The segmentation of your list can be a powerful method to customize your messages and enhance the performance of your emails.

Aweber lets you segment your email list by a variety of methods such as by subscribers' activities, custom fields and many more. In this tutorial we'll guide you through the steps to create an Aweber segment.


Step 1: Sign in to your Aweber account.

To make a segment, you'll have to sign into the account you have created with your Aweber account. After you've logged in, click"Subscribers," which is the "Subscribers" tab in the top menu navigation.

Step 2: Choose the list that you wish to segment

Under the Subscribers tab you'll find a list of the lists you've created using Aweber. Choose the list you wish to segment.

Step 3. Click"Segments. "Segments" button

After you've selected the list you'd like to segment, click"Segments." Once you've selected your list, click on the "Segments" button. This will bring you directly to the Segments page which allows you to create and manage your segments, as well as review all your segments.

Step 4. Click on "Create a Segment" button

On the Segments page, you'll be able to click the "Create a Segment" button. It will lead your directly to the Segment Wizard where you can make a new segment by choosing the criteria you would like to apply to divide your list.

Step 5: Select Segment Criteria

Aweber offers a wide range of options to segment your subscriber list, including subscribers' activity custom fields, subscriber activity, and much more. For instance, you could filter your list based on the activity of your subscribers, like the open and click rates or unsubscribes. You can also filter your list using specific fields like the location, interest or purchasing history.

Step 6: Name and Save the Segment

After you've selected the criteria you'd like to apply in your segmentation, simply give your segment a title and select "Save." The segment you created will be displayed on your Segments page, from which you can edit, view as well as manage the segment.

Step 7: Use Segment in Campaigns

After you've made an individual segment, you're able to incorporate it into your email marketing campaigns. When you start a new campaign you'll be able to choose which segment you'd like to send the message to. This lets you create targeted messages for particular segments of subscribers.

Tips to Segment your List

  • Segmenting by subscriber activity: Segmenting your subscribers' activity based on subscriber activities like open rate or click-through rate unsubscribes, lets you send personalized messages to the most active subscribers.

  • Segment by custom fields: Segmenting by custom fields like location, interests or purchase history lets you send specific messages to certain segments of subscribers.

  • Optimize and test your segmentation: Test your segments and improve them to ensure you're sending the correct message to the correct segment of customers.

  • Be sure to keep your segments short Make sure: your segments are smaller to ensure that you're targeting the right subset of your subscribers.

  • Utilize segments within your automation sequences: Utilize segments within your sequences in order to ensure that the correct message is delivered to the correct segment of subscribers.


The segmentation of your list can be a great way to customize your message and enhance the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. Aweber lets you segment your email list in many ways that include subscribers' activities, custom fields and many more. If you follow the steps in this tutorial it is easy to create and manage segments within Aweber that allow you to send specific messages to certain segments of subscribers.

It is also crucial to remember that segmentation is a continuous process, so it's crucial to keep track of and analyze how your segment performs. It is also advisable to test various segments to determine what ones work best, and adjust to improve the performance of your segment. This will help you optimize your targeted messaging and enhance the performance of your emails.

Another aspect to consider when segmenting is to make sure that the segmentation you have created is compliant with privacy laws like GDPR, and CCPA. Be sure you've received permission from your subscribers for the information you gather and use to segment them.

In the end making and using Aweber's segmentation feature can allow you send targeted messages to certain subsets of subscribers, boost the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns and ensure compliance with the privacy laws. Following the steps described in this document and heeding the guidelines and best practices that are discussed, you can successfully segment your email list to get greater results through your email marketing campaigns.