How to Send Emails with the Same Subject Line in GoHighLevel?

In the world of email marketing subjects are among the most crucial factors in determining if a person will accept the email.


If you'd like to send emails using identical subject lines as in GoHighLevel it is possible to accomplish this by creating an email marketing campaign.


Step 1: Create an Email Campaign:

For sending emails with similar subject lines using GoHighLevel it is necessary to set up an email campaign. Navigate to the Email Campaigns section and click on "Create Campaign." Select a template appropriate for your mailer and personalize it to reflect your image.

Step 2: Set up the Subject Line:

Subject lines are among the most crucial factors in determining whether an individual will read emails or not. To create the subject line of your email marketing campaign, head to the campaign Settings section, and then enter the subject line you want to use in the "Subject Line" field.

Step 3: Choose a Recipient List:

After you've created the subject line of your email campaign, you will need select a recipient list. Select the recipients section and choose the list that you wish to mail the emails. You may also create a new list if you haven't already done this before.

Step 4: Set up the Email Schedule:

Next step setting up your schedule for your email marketing campaign. Visit the Schedule section and select the date you would like your emails to be delivered. You can send them out immediately, or program them for the future date & time.

Step 5: Preview and Test:

Before sending out your email marketing You should check it out and check that it appears and functions as you intended. Visit the Preview and Test section, and then send an experiment email to yourself. Examine the email to be sure that it appears and functions exactly as you intended. Then make any changes that are needed.


Step 6: Launch the Campaign:

After you've viewed the email marketing campaign You're now ready to go live. Navigate to the Launch section, then select "Launch Campaign." The emails you send will be sent to your list of recipients in accordance to the schedule you created earlier.

Step 7: Track and Analyze:

GoHighLevel provides reporting and analytics to help you monitor and evaluate your campaigns. The Analytics tab, you will be able to find out how many people open your messages, clicked hyperlinks, and so on. You can utilize this data to improve the effectiveness of your future email marketing campaigns.


Sending emails with the exact subject line using GoHighLevel is simple and easy. Through the creation of an email marketing campaign and creating your subject line as-well-as the recipients list as well as the schedule as well as the tracking system, you are able to send emails that have identical subject lines to your clients. With GoHighLevel you can design excellent email campaigns that deliver results.