How to Undo Builderall Cheetah?

Reversing Builderall Cheetah is an easy procedure that involves deleting the page or funnel you designed using Builderall's drag-and drop editor.

The editor lets you make sales funnels, landing pages and websites by using templates that are pre-built and editable blocks. If you wish to reverse or erase a page funnel you designed in Builderall Cheetah, here are the steps to follow.


Step 1: Access the Builderall Cheetah Editor

To remove to undo a Builderall Cheetah pages or funnels, you must to log into the editor that you made the page or funnel. It's as easy as accessing your Builderall account, then navigating through your "Cheetah Funnel Builder" section of your dashboard. Select the funnel or the page you wish to remove.

Step 2: Delete the Page or Funnel

Once you've access to your editor to edit the funnel or page you'd like to change and delete, you can do so by pressing the "Settings" button in the right-hand edge of the page. Within the settings menu there's an option of "Delete Page" or "Delete Funnel." Select the appropriate option, and then follow the prompts to confirm deletion. After you've confirmed deletion, the website as well as the funnel are deleted permanently and will not be restored.


Step 3: Clear Your Cache and Cookies

If you're struggling to undo the page or funnel within Builderall Cheetah, it could be due to a caching issue. To resolve this issue, remove your browser's cache and cookies and then try it again. To remove your cookies and cache then go to the settings of your browser and search for an option to delete browsing information. Choose the option to clear the cache as well as cookies. Then, restart your browser. You can then delete the funnel or page again.

Step 4: Contact Builderall Support

If you're having difficulty making a funnel or page within Builderall Cheetah and you're having trouble, call Builderall support to get help. They will assist you in resolving the issue and give you advice on how to reverse the page or the funnel. Support can be reached via"Support" or the "Support" button in the upper right part of the Builderall dashboard, and then selecting"Submit a ticket. "Submit a ticket."

To summarize, reversing the page or funnel using Builderall Cheetah is an easy procedure that requires you to delete pages or channels from your editor. If you're struggling try clearing all cookies and caches or calling Builderall support to get help.