How to use Semrush Api?

SEMrush is an extremely powerful device for digital marketers that offers information about search engine optimization pay per click advertising, as well as content marketing.

Using SEMrush API:

Its SEMrush API allows developers to access the data and incorporate them into the development of their apps. This guide will demonstrate how you can use SEMrush API. SEMrush API to access data on keywords, traffic and competitors.


Getting an API Key:

To make use of SEMrush API to use the SEMrush API, you'll first need access to an API code. To get this done it is necessary to register for an SEMrush account, and then log into SEMrush API Dashboard. SEMrush API Dashboard. After you have registered, you will be capable of creating a unique API Key by pressing "Create Key" "Create New Key" button.

Making API Requests:

Once you've got the API key, you'll be able to begin sending calls to SEMrush API. The API utilizes a basic query-based syntax. You make a request to the specified endpoint using your API key, along with any additional parameters.

To get, for instance, information on a particular keyword, you can make a call for data to "Keyword Overview" or "Keyword Overview" endpoint with your API key along with the keywords you wish to find.

The complete form of the request can be found here:


In this case "TYPE" is the type of data you wish to get, "API_KEY" is your API key along with "PARAM1" and "PARAM2" are additional parameters you would like to include in your request.

Retrieving Data:

It is the SEMrush API returns data in JSON format that is easily parsed and utilized in your application. 

For instance, if make a request for keywords and the API will provide an JSON object that contains information about the keyword, such as CPC, search volume and competition.

You can then utilize this information in your application to create tables, charts or other visualisations.


It is the SEMrush API has multiple endpoints which allow you to access different kinds of data. Some of the most sought-after endpoints are:

  • Keyword Overview: Gets information about a particular keyword, including the volume of searches, CPC, and competition.

  • Domain overview: Gets information about a particular domain, such as traffic, organic search and backlinks.

  • Organic Research: Retrieves information on organic results of the specified domain or keyword.

  • The Advertising Research Institute: Retrieves information on the pay-per-click advertisement for a particular area or keyword.

  • Display advertising: Gets information on advertising displayed for a particular area or keyword.

  • Backlinks: Retrieves information about backlinks from a particular domain.


SEMrush API SEMrush API has some limitations regarding the amount of requests you are able to make every day as well as the amount of information you can access per request. These restrictions are in place so that it is guaranteed that this API is accessible and available to every user.

You can see your limits by visiting your SEMrush API Dashboard, where you can upgrade to a better plan if you're in need of more data or requests.


SEMrush API SEMrush API is a powerful tool for digital marketers that gives access to important data about keywords traffic, competitors, and keywords. With just a bit of experience in programming, you are able to utilize the API to build custom applications and interactive visualizations that will help you know your audience and boost your marketing online.