How to Write Article with Jasper AI?

Jasper AI is a cutting-edge AI tool that assists writers create original, high-quality content effortlessly.


Through Jasper AI, you can write blog posts, articles studies, research reports and more. All without the need to spend many hours searching and writing. This guide will teach you the steps to create an article using Jasper AI, step by step.


Step 1: Choose a Topic

The first step to write an article using Jasper AI is to choose an appropriate subject. Jasper AI provides a vast range of topics to pick from, so it is possible to choose a topic that is interesting to you, or choose a topic that is based on your area of expertise. You can also enter your own subject if you have an idea in the back of your mind.

Step 2: Choose a Writing Style

After you've decided on your subject, you'll have to choose the style of writing you prefer. Jasper AI provides a variety of writing styles to select from, such as formal, casual and even creative. The style of writing you select will depend on the kind of piece you're writing as well as your personal preferences.

Step 3: Input Your Keywords

The next step is to enter your keywords. Keywords are the words or phrases that relate to the topic of your article and which you would like the article optimized. Jasper AI uses these keywords to ensure that your piece can be optimized for the search engine, and that it is simple to read and comprehend.

Step 4: Write Your Article

With your subject your writing style, writing style, and your keywords in place It's now time to begin writing your piece. Jasper AI provides a clean and simple interface for writing. So you just have to type your content then let Jasper AI take care of everything else.

While your article gets written Jasper AI will suggest additional paragraphs, sentences or entire sections to be added to your essay. You are able to accept or decline them, based on your personal preferences. Jasper AI also provides real-time feedback on your writing to ensure that your writing is correct in grammatically it reads well, and is optimized for search engines.

Step 5: Review and Edit

After you've completed your piece, you'll have to revise and edit the article. Jasper AI provides a comprehensive editing and review interface that lets you make edits to your text easily. You can edit, add or modify sentences or paragraphs. You can even change the order of sections should you require.

Step 6: Publish

Once you're happy with your piece and are happy with it, you can publish it. Jasper AI provides a simple one-click publishing procedure that lets you publish your content directly to your website, blog, or another online platform. You can also save your article in various formats, like HTML PDF,, and Word to allow you to publish it to others and use the article for different uses.


Writing an article using Jasper AI is a straightforward and enjoyable process that can save your time and energy. Through Jasper AI, you can create high-quality blog articles, research papers and more, all without spending many hours researching or writing. Why put off writing? Begin writing using Jasper AI today to elevate your work to the higher levels!