Is Aweber Free?

Aweber is not free. Aweber is an email marketing software for paid that allows users to send targeted emails, automate email campaigns and create newsletters. There are several pricing options available to suit different business sizes and needs.


Pricing Plans:

Aweber offers several pricing options for its users.

Basic Plan: This plan suits beginners and small businesses. It costs $19 per month, and can include up to 500 subscribers.

Plus Plan: This plan suits growing businesses. It costs $29 per month, and can include up to 25,000 subscribers.

Professional Plan: The Professional Plan is for large businesses and high volume senders. It costs $49 per month, & can include up to 50,000 subscribers.

Enterprise Plan: This plan can be used by large businesses or high-volume email senders. Prices are determined by the number of subscribers and emails sent.

All plans include Aweber core features like email templates, automation, subscriber management, and automated emails. The Plus, Professional, Enterprise and Enterprise plans offer additional features like A/B testing and advanced reporting.

Try it Free of Charge:

Aweber allows users to try the software for free before they commit to a paid subscription. The 30-day free trial includes all features and lasts 30 days.


Aweber's Benefits:

It's easy to use: Aweber makes it simple for users to create professional-looking emails and send them without having to code.

Automation: Aweber's automation tools allow users to create triggered emails such as reminders and welcome messages, which can be sent automatically without any manual effort.

Analytics and reporting: Aweber offers detailed reports on clicks, opens, and conversions. This allows users to track their campaigns' performance and make data-driven decision.

Integrations: Aweber can be integrated with many popular platforms like Shopify, Salesforce, or WordPress. This makes it easy for your business to connect with other tools.

Aweber provides support through a variety of channels, including video tutorials and email support. Priority support is available for Enterprise, Professional, Plus and Professional plans.


Aweber, a paid email marketing platform, offers several pricing options to fit different businesses. Although it is not free, users can try the software for free before purchasing a paid plan. Aweber's intuitive interface, automation features and reporting capabilities make it a popular choice among businesses who want to improve their email marketing efforts. It also offers support and integration options that will help you get the most from the software.