Is Pabbly Free?

Pabbly is an application for managing subscriptions that provides a complete platform to help businesses handle their subscriptions as well as payments and invoices.

Pabbly: An Overview

It has an intuitive interface to handle every aspect of subscription billing which includes automated invoicing, recurring payment and much other features. The platform was made to be highly adaptable, allowing businesses to adapt it to meet their individual requirements.


Free vs Paid Plan:

Pabbly offers the free and paid plan. Free plans are less with regards to features as well as functions when compared to the paid plans. The free plan companies can only manage a certain number of customers and pay. A paid subscription, on contrary, provides an array of options, such as unlimited subscribers as well as automated invoicing, recurring payment as well as other features.

Free Plan:

The basic plan offered by Pabbly offers the following options:

  • Subscription Form: Create and embed custom subscription forms on your site to manage subscriptions as well as payments.

  • Customers Management: Control the customer's information such as contact information along with payment history, and much more.

  • Pay processing: Process payments using different payment gateways, such as PayPal, Stripe, and

There are however limitations with the free plan, such as:

  • Limited Subscribers: The free plan allows companies to manage just 100 subscribers.

  • Payroll Processing Limits: The free plan restricts the amount of payments that are processed each month.

  • Limited Customer Support: Businesses who use this plan for free are restricted in terms of support options.

Paid Plan:

The paid plan offered by Pabbly includes all features of the free plan with additional features and functions that include:

  • Unlimited Subscribers: Control an unlimitable number of subscribers with no limitations on the number of subscribers you are able to add.

  • Unlimited Payments: You can process an unlimited amount of payments, with no limitations in the number of transactions you can process per month.

  • Advanced Invoicing: Automatically create invoices and mail invoices to clients, using custom templates.

  • Recurring payments: Set up the payment of customers on a recurring basis who want to be charged for subscriptions on an annual basis.

  • Customer Support:Get complete customer service, including telephone and email assistance, along with dedicated support personnel.


In the end, Pabbly offers both a free and paid plan that includes the paid plan offering greater capabilities and features than that of the free version. Business owners can select the plan that will best suit their budget and requirements which is either the free or paid plan. If you choose the free plan, businesses are able to handle their accounts, subscriptions payment, and invoices, but with certain limitations. Paid plans, on other hand, provides the full range of features, such as unlimitted subscribers, auto invoices as well as recurring payments and many more.