What is Groove.cm?

Groove.cm is a one-stop platform that combines digital marketing with online sales. It offers users various tools and services to assist them in creating and manage their online businesses



  • Website builder

  • Sales Funnel Builder

  • Marketing Automation

  • Sites for membership

  • Management of affiliates

  • E-commerce store builders

  • Webinars and video hosting

  • Email marketing

Website Builder:

Groove.cm is a drag-and drop website builder that makes it simple for users to build custom websites with no programming or technical expertise required. The builder is equipped with various themes and templates that allow users to select the style and design which best fits their company's brand.


Sales Funnel Builder:

Sales funnel builders are among of the most important functions of the GrooveFunnels. It lets users create customized funnels that lead people through a set of pages, leading them to a successful conversion. The builder has a selection of templates and components you can use to create custom funnels.

Marketing Automation:

GrooveFunnels also offers users marketing automation tools that permit users automate routine tasks which frees up time for other activities. The tools for automation include marketing by email, SMS as well as social media marketing.

Membership Sites:

Groove.cm also provides tools to build membership sites. The sites let users make exclusive content for members, as well as offer a regular revenue stream. The site builder for members is equipped with a range of templates and components which can be utilized to create customized websites.

Affiliate Management:

Groove.cm offers users an affiliate management tool, that allows them to easily monitor and manage affiliate partnership. It also includes features such as real-time tracking and reporting as well as commission administration.

E-commerce Store Builder:

GrooveFunnels also comes with an online store builder, which makes it simple for users to design and manage e-commerce sites. The builder includes various templates and components you can use to construct custom-designed stores.

Video Hosting and Webinars:

Groove.cm also offers webinar and video hosting tools that make it simple for users to manage and host videos and webinars. The tools offer features such as the ability to customize video player settings as well as video marketing along with webinar and video marketing.

Email Marketing:

Groove.cm also has email marketing tools that permit users to design and distribute personalized emails to their subscribers. These email marketing tools come with options like automated email as well as management of email lists along with email templates.


Groove.cm is a complete platform that offers users an array of tools and services to help in creating and running online businesses. The platform offers a site builder sales funnel builder, advertising automation, members websites affiliate management, an e-commerce store builders, hosting video, webinars, as well as email marketing. By using these tools, customers are able to save time, boost efficiency, and expand their online business more efficiently.