Where is GoHighLevel API Key?

GoHighLevel is a marketing and sales automation platform that supplies companies and organizations with the tools to simplify their marketing and sales processes.

Locating your GoHighLevel API Key

One of the main functions of GoHighLevel is the API that allows developers to access data and automate the tasks in GoHighLevel. To access GoHighLevel API, you must have an account. GoHighLevel API, you need an API key. This is an unique identifier which allows you to connect to the API. We'll demonstrate how to locate the GoHighLevel API code.


What is the reason you need the GoHighLevel API Key?

This GoHighLevel API key acts as a unique identification which allows you to connect to this API, and to automatize tasks on the platform. By using this API keys, users will be able to:

  • Access information:

Use the API to gain access to data & other information in GoHighLevel like contacts transactions, deals, or activities.

  • Automate task:

Automate the tasks within GoHighLevel, like the addition or update of contacts, making deals and the updating of deal stages.

  • Integration with different systems :

Integrate with other systems: Connect GoHighLevel into other software, like the CRM system, your website or marketing automation platforms.

How Do You Locate the GoHighLevel API Key GoHighLevel API Key:

To locate the GoHighLevel API keys, take these steps:

  • Log into your GoHighLevel account:

Log into your GoHighLevel account by using the username you chose & your password.

  • Navigate to the Settings page:

Once you've signed in, click"Settings" in the navigation menu "Settings" tab on your navigation menu.

Click on "API & Webhooks" in the Settings page, select the "API and Webhooks" choice.

  • Locate your API Key Find your API key:

Your GoHighLevel API code will be displayed at page API & Webhooks page. Copy then paste this API code into the application you are using or integrate.

Security for the security of your GoHighLevel API Key:

It's essential to ensure that the GoHighLevel API key secure, since it grants access to your data as-well as details on the platform. To safeguard the security of your API key, adhere to these guidelines:

  • Secure your data:

Do not divulge your GoHighLevel API password with anyone else, and ensure that it is kept secret.

  • Secure connections:

Use secure connections, for example, HTTPS to access the API.

  • Limit access:

You can limit access to GoHighLevel API keys by only giving access to trusted people and systems.

  • Monitor usage:

Monitor the use by your GoHighLevel API keys to make sure that it's used in a proper manner.


This GoHighLevel API Key is an identifier which lets you access an API as-well-as automate your tasks within the platform. To locate you GoHighLevel API code, sign into your account, then go on your Settings page, then click "API and Webhooks" & locate the API key. It is essential to ensure that your API key safe by keeping it secure and using secure connections. restricting access and checking use.