Which is Better Teachable vs Thinkific?

Teachable as well as Thinkific are two well-known platforms for designing marketing, selling and online courses. Both platforms provide a broad array of features and tools to assist users in creating and create exciting and engaging online classes.

However, there are a few fundamental differences between these two platforms which could be more suitable for specific users over the other. In this article we will look at the differences between Teachable as well as Thinkific and then determine which is more suitable for you.


Course Creation:

Both platforms Teachable and Thinkific both offer a wide range of tools for creating courses that include a course builder that allows users to add images, text video, audio, and quizzes to their course material. The difference is that Thinkific offers more options for customization to the layout and design of course pages. Teachable On the other hand, has an easier and more user-friendly course creation procedure that could be more appropriate for those who are new to the field.

Marketing and Selling Courses:

Each of Teachable and Thinkific give users the features and tools needed to promote and sell the online course. Both platforms have a selection different marketing options, including emails for marketing as well as social media integration which users can utilize to advertise their courses and grow enrollment.

But, Teachable provides more powerful marketing automation features and integrations, such as integrated webinars and affiliate marketing and email marketing. Thinkific is an integrated online store that lets customers to directly sell courses through the platform, however Teachable offers additional choices for payment gateways.

Course Delivery:

Each of Teachable and Thinkific permit users to present their courses in various formats. But, Teachable provides more possibilities to deliver the course, with the option of selling subscriptions and memberships as well as provide more flexible access option. Thinkific offers a variety different interactive options, like discussions forums and quizzes, which users can integrate into their courses in order to increase the amount of engagement and retention.

Analytics and Reporting:

Each of Teachable and Thinkific offer users various reports and analytics tools to assist them in tracking and analysing the results for their course. The difference is that Teachable provides more powerful analysis and reporting tools that allow you to monitor the student's engagement and revenue for each specific course, as well as to separate student data according to specific fields.


Each of Teachable and Thinkific offer a variety options for integration with different platforms and tools like payments processors, email marketing tools as well as webinar software. Teachable offers more integration alternatives than Thinkific.

Support and Resources:

Each of Teachable and Thinkific offer users various services and support options that ensure they get the most value from the platform. Both platforms have blogs, knowledge bases as well as a community forum in which users can seek answers to their questions and also access to webinars as well as other sources. Users are also able to reach out to the support team to assist in any questions or issues they might have.

In conclusion, the two Teachable as well as Thinkific are effective platforms for marketing, creating or selling course online however each has their own strengths. Teachable is more sophisticated in terms of tools for automation and integrations as well as integrations with other platforms, while Thinkific is more sophisticated in its courses design options. Teachable offers more flexibility with regards to access options and course design as well as course design, and Thinkific includes more interactive features to increase the student's engagement. In the end, the ideal platform for you is dependent on your individual needs and preferences.