Who Owns Kartra?

Kartra is a comprehensive all-in-one platform designed for businesses online which provides a wide range different tools and solutions

Who Owns Kartra?

That are useful for managing, growing and monetizing businesses. In this article we will examine who is the owner of Kartra as well as how the business has grown in the past.


Step 1: Background of the Company

Kartra was established in the year 2018 , by Genesis Digital, a company that is specialized in creating software for businesses that operate online. Genesis Digital is a subsidiary of Keynetics Inc., a privately-owned company located within Boise, Idaho that was established in 1998.

Step 2: Leadership Team

The management team at Kartra is made up of experienced experts in the online and technology sectors. The chief executive officer for Genesis Digital, Andy Jenkins Genesis Digital, Andy Jenkins has more than twenty years experience within the field of digital marketing and is renowned for his experience in developing and launching successful digital services.

Step 3: Parent Company

Kartra is an affiliate that is part of Genesis Digital, which is in itself an affiliate of Keynetics Inc. Keynetics Inc. is a privately-owned company with multiple subsidiaries within the business and technology sectors.

Step 4: Funding and Investors

Keynetics Inc. is a privately owned company that doesn't release information regarding its investors or funding sources. Since it is an affiliate to Keynetics Inc., Kartra is not able to disclose any information regarding its investors or funding sources.

Step 5: Company Culture and Values

The values and company culture at Kartra is based on the idea of helping online businesses grow. Kartra is proud of its dedication to innovation and the development of powerful as well as user-friendly programs. In addition, the company is committed to customer satisfaction and strives hard to offer exceptional customer assistance to its customers.


In the end, Kartra is a comprehensive platform for businesses online that is managed by Genesis Digital, a subsidiary of Keynetics Inc. The company is run by highly experienced experts in the business and technology sectors and is committed to helping businesses that operate online succeed. Although Kartra is privately-held and does not release any details regarding its funding or investors but it is known for its dedication to customer service and innovation. If you're searching for a reliable and user-friendly platform to run the online presence of your business think about Kartra!